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Honor Firefighters

This is gloria

Please join me to honor our firefighters to whom honor is due.

In a continuing tribute to all firefighters who are very, very special people.

Yes, they all, are a special individual, and group. We cannot do without them, and they each and every one deserve our ultimate respect and our gratitude. For their services should stand forever. Their special calling is courageous and unwavering without question.

We observe that you are not a firefighter for the pay, because most of you have a second and third job to make ends meet.

Your calling puts the needs of others first. Your skills to rescue, as paramedics, fire prevention services, fighting to put out fires, and to stop the spread of fires deserve everyones greatest courtesy. Firefighters needs everyone's cooperation to not be a hindrance when they are doing their best to help others.

May we all have, and give the dedication to others as all firefighters, are putting others first.

With this tribute and honor we endevor to put all firefighters first and watch you with great honor, love and respect.

Thank you,

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