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Gloria #2

     Hello Women
This is gloria at

     We, women must have a solid foundation. Let us say our home is our foundation, our real power. We were not created to be used in an affair situation. I believe these two things to be true, and if you dare to believe the truth; truth demands common sense.

     So let us apply common sense to our troubled life to change a few things. Namely ourselves, and everything else will line up. I do know you have needs and with great compassion I speak to you. You can lift yourself out of your despair of sickness, disease, forgiveness for yourself, and forgiving others because unforgiveness is deadly.

     Let us think faith/that is be positive, setting new goals to be an overcomer. We must get fear out of our emotions. We may have made a hard bed for ourselves to lay in. We must realize we have purpose, and strength to change the present to a happy and victorious future. We must not allow our circumstances to cause us to fail..

     Yes, there are many types of abusive situations for we women to get into that demand change. And where do we get our help, not from man. We women are created in God's image, so bring HIS image into action for yourself. *Mark 4:13-21

     Now home is where the heart should be. Home is who we are, and the world is our #1 enemy. The world is delusional, deceitful, and to some degree has striped us of our values.

     Yes, decades ago we women were thrust out of the home into an unsure, unkind world environment. Let us go back to be sure our home is on our heart. Because our home is our foundation, our strength, and our security.

     No longer should we women allow the world to dominate our heart. But with wisdom and understanding give light of goodness, and gentleness. We were created to love and be loved in our positive faith filled home.

     This is gloria at and KMTL 760 AM streaming on the internet to the whole wolrd.


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