xxx JELLY BEANS and DONUTS, John 6:53-63 xxx

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You can change your life by changing yourself. Adorn the inner man/1 Timothy 2:9 * Titus 2:10. The Lord makes the simple wise/ Proverbs 23:19 * 2:6 * James 3:17.

Education/learning to change your mind/thinking process is a wonderful thing * Roman 8:6. The power to change any and all unhappiness, problems, troubles, faults, lacks and insufficiencies/2 Cor. 9:8.

You can change your children by giving true light into them/control your tongue, speaking goodness, gentleness!

You can change your health...

Controlling your foods within a nutritional requirement. You can change your weight by omitting fried foods/fats, omitting granulated sugar/breaks down your immune system, and keeping your salt intake to the 2400mg range. NO EXCESS**

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Jelly Beans and Donuts