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Gloria #4
Radio Ministry

Greetings Women at

Awake, again I appeal unto you women* Awake, you have been let down, put down, left out, put upon too long.

It is time for you to wake up and realize the power you have been given to make a better world/life***

Please do not let your own self think that the way it is, is the way it has to stay. May inspire you to new heights, and successes.***

You may be being abused, depressed, in prison, or just carrying a heavy load. Yes, there is a war going on in you. Lets call it darkness and light, the darkness is there to destroy your life...And the light is there to cause you to excell.***May be of use to you in every way.***

Now you have heard of the ten commandments, and the number ten shows force.*** So, God enforced the ten commandments that if we follow the ten commandments and break one of them we are guilty of breaking them all.***

That was the law before Christ. *** Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ. *** Two commandments, Love God/the Spirit of His son of the new testament with all your heart, mind, and soul.*** And love your neighbor as yourself unto righteousness.***

Led by his Spirit in the paths of righteousness for his name sake. *** Jesus said, in the new testament that the letter killeth, but the Spirit of his shed blood of the new testament, for the remission of sin gives life.***

So, I appeal to you what Jesus said in Hebrews, he is made a better covenant through the cross.***

Jesus also says the darkness has come to kill, steal, and to destroy you. *** But he/the light of the knowledge has come to give you life, and more abundantly. *** He also says, he did not come in the flesh to destroy you, but to save you./ Rom 10:9 *** And that this day he put before you light, and darkness; choose to seek, knock, and ask for the knowledge of light, or live a defeated life in darkness.*** will help start you on a new path of recovery.*** I am spirit filled./ John3:3*John 6:53-56 born again, and I am praying for you; yes I am praying for you.***


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