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Gloria #7

This is gloria at

If you seek you shall fmd, if you knock the door shall be opened unto you. And if you ask God for his blessings and healing; having great faith in Him believing where two are or more are gathered together on earth in my name it shall be done in heaven.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God/Jesus Christ. This is my shed blood/Spirit of the New Testament for the remission of your sins. We must worship the Father in the truth/hearing; and worship the Father in the Spirit of the WordlHis Son Jesus Christ unto obedience, doers of the work.

Yes by his stripes you are healed, 1 Peter 2:24

We should always take time for God each day; obey Him, serve Him, trust Him, and humbly bow to Him seeking his continuous forgiveness to be led by His spirit of the word. For we that are led of His spirit shall be called the sons of God.

This is gloria at and I am praying for you. And I encourage you to pray for others, because Jesus said pray for others that you might be healed; body, soul, and spirit, made every whit whole.

May you have the courage to change your life in Christ. And may God bless and keep you forever.


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